Storm Damage Services in Dayton, Ohio

Let us ensure that your home or commercial building is effectively protected from the elements. As experienced roofers in Dayton, OH, we have built a reputation for over 13 years of providing high-quality work and exceptional customer service.

Did a Storm Leave Your Roof and Siding in a Bind?

We understand that storms can cause severe and lasting damage to THE EXTERIOR OF YOUR HOME.

High winds can tear up shingles and leave gaps, allowing water to penetrate the roof and leading to structural issues. Flooding, meanwhile, can force debris into hard-to-reach areas and clog drains, often resulting in severe water damage. Moreover, if your roof is old and a hail strike occurs, there’s a higher chance of it causing punctures and dents, worsening the roof damage that already existed. That’s why it’s essential to get professional assistance as soon as possible.

We’re Here to Help After the Storm

Let us help you achieve a solid roof so you can stay safe at your home or business.

Whether you need help replacing shingles, fixing slopes, or installing a new roof after the storm, our team of experts knows how to take proper care. With years of experience in the industry and top-of-the-line materials, you can rest assured our repairs will stand the test of time.

Restore Your Roof in 3 Steps

Let us help you get your roof to pre-storm condition, follow

our simple steps to get started!

Contact Us

Contact us so we can inspect your property and identify any potential problems.


Get an Estimate

Then, we provide you with an estimate of all parts and labor needed for the repair.


New roof. no mess.

Lastly, we install your new roofing system to return your property to pre-storm condition quickly and efficiently.


Don’t wait any longer, contact us so we can get to work on replacing your commercial or residential roof after the storm.

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